Accepting GAT

Creating A Global Community

The objective of Sableassent is to create a global community that builds wealth by use of the GAT Token. The GAT token was created to establish wealth in the global black community.  There are currently 1.5 billion black people in the world who annually spend over a trillion dollars. Currently, only a small percentage of that trillion dollars stays in the black economy. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that circulates funds, builds generational wealth, and supports global black communities with an infrastructure by using the GAT Token.

The first step in creating global wealth in the black community relies on our black business owners and nonprofit owners working together in an ecosystem by accepting a common currency: the GAT token.  Accepting the GAT is as simple as going to our website and putting in your information at no cost.  When you decide to accept the GAT token in your place of Business or Non-profit organization, you are not only building wealth for your business but you are also building wealth for the worldwide black community. Join our mission today!

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