Businesses need every edge to create success and stay successful. A digital utility token like GAT could be that edge to take your business over the top. By adding GAT to your payment processing tool kit, it removes a lot of issues that business owners have to deal with in regards to cash flow and payment processing.

Business Liability

Identity Theft: Last year businesses lost over $700 million customer records and paid over $9 billion dollars in fees because of identity theft and the loss of customer data. On average, a company spends $21,000 dollars a day when a data breach occurs for over 30 days. When a client gives their credit card to a merchant, they are not just giving them the card number, they are giving the business the information it took to create the credit card. Your name, social security, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number.

By using GAT transactions it eliminates identity theft because clients are not transacting with personal information.

No Charge Backs

GAT tokens can be used for value transactions. When the transaction occurs funds are in your account and the business doesn’t have to worry about chargebacks. Because both parties have to approve the transaction people and therefore you never spend more money than you have in your account.

Processing Fees

Merchant fees can cost business anywhere from 2 – 6% on transactions. That drastically affects your bottom line. Some businesses have minimum purchase amounts to cover the cost of merchant fees. With GAT, since there is no third party (banks, merchants, gateway processors), it almost cost nothing for your customers to transfer the funds to you.

Your Business Is Now Global

When you add GAT to your business model, you can market to businesses and individuals around the world. There are no borders when it comes to GAT.  There are individuals and businesses that currently deal in digital currency,  why wouldn’t you accept GAT tokens in your place of business?  It is an uptapped revenue stream for your business that will add more value for years to come!

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