Own Your Own Money

Owning stake in the GAT token and other similar blockchain technologies is the only one way to own your wealth where the account is actually owned by you. Since you have to download a copy of your balance key file and in some cases even the entire transaction list, you have total control of your money not the bank.

International Transactions

SABLEASSENT’s GAT token is not bound by exchange rates, interest rates, or transaction charges anywhere in the world.  Using GAT token will save you lots of time and money.

Customer Privacy

By using our GAT token a consumer can keep his or her identity safe when making transactions. Last year, over 700 million consumers lost their identities due to data breaches.

When you use your credit card, you are giving the merchant a card number but you are also giving them information it took to create the card. Therefore, when your credit card number is compromised your name, address, phone, social security, birth date, and driver’s license are also compromised. Your credit card number can change but your name, social security, birth date, and driver’s license will stay the same.

GAT token transactions do not share personal data when making purchases. Counterfeiting and identity theft are almost nonexistent, because your personal information name, address, social security,  birthdate, and driver’s license are not used.

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