Accepting Donations Around The World

When you add GAT tokens to your Non-Profit Organization,  you can market to businesses and individuals around the world. There are no borders when it comes to GAT tokens. There are individuals and businesses that currently deal in digital currency, why wouldn’t your Non-Profit Organization accept  GAT tokens?

Processing Fees

Imagine all the money your Non-Profit Organization would save if it would not have to pay banks or third party processing platforms every time someone donates to your Organization. Merchant transactions can cost Non-profits anywhere from 2% to 6% which could drastically affect your bottom line.

Instant Settlement

GAT tokens can act as a cash transaction. When a transaction occurs, funds are in your account and the business does not have to worry about chargebacks.  Also, both parties have to approve the transaction. In other words, people cannot spend more money than they have.

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