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Global Assent Token

SABLEASSENT serves as a Global Transformative Ecosystem designed for Black businesses, Non-profit organizations, and Consumers to exchange goods and services using our Global Assent Token, also known as “GAT”.

GAT is the world’s first and only digital utility token dedicated to the growth of the global black community.  It is the key to uniting the global black community and ensuring prosperity for the black community for generations to come. Owning these tokens will ensure access to the global network and they can be purchased, earned, traded and sold around the world.

Our primary target is the new cryptocurrency economy, that is steadily emerging, and to have a “value” token in our Black community which generates confidence and trust.  The sale of our token provides the necessary tool to build our currency and have a solid foundation to provide ongoing financial resources to our Non- profits and unemployed Black workforce. In addition, SABLEASSENT will leverage our token for other valuable assets to ensure longevity for our token.  Sale of tokens will benefit the national and global markets by employing thousands of ready, willing, and able Black people.

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