What is the Assent Team?

The Assent Team is our global staff that performs customer engagement and marketing in exchange for SABLEASSENT tokens.

Assent Team is a global workforce within SABLEASSENT COIN CORPORATION.

This team consists of two positions, skilled and unskilled. We will look to fill many open positions for both team member profiles.

a. Skilled: The skilled Assent Team members are competent to perform engagement tasks on a wide range of levels and services that can be managed through our web dashboard interface. These services are to include but not limited to Email Marketing, Customer engagement, Social communication, SEO, Content writing, paid search (ppc) creating, posting, list on business local directories, Google Analytics, Mobile optimization, offer specials , customer response, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, writing and translations and other traffic generating activities for the clients. Skilled Assent team members are able set the desired time, pay, and work load as they freelance to the network as existing professionals looking to perform services to the SABLEASSENT network of businesses as well as consumers.

B. Unskilled: Assent Team members that perform limited task and hence are trained after verification than guided and monitored for performance by Assent Team Management and corporate on a 1 to 5 star rating.

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